Robot Cover RIB 140

  • Robotics Protection / Cover type "sheath dress"

  • Available in 3 diameters : 40cm ,70cm, 80cm
  • 100% Red PET, 140 gsm

  • Recommended for protecting paint and mastic robots inside paint booth

  • Keep your robot free of paint to extend its lifetime

  • Very flexible fabric which fits the robot perfectly in every position

  • Easy Installation and Changing

  • Solution : Simple, Easy and Economical
  • Tailor-made possibility

  • Available in different folding and size
  • International Delivery Available
  • Customised Packaging Possible
The Gekatex robotcover is made of 100% Polyester filament and is Silicone-free.  Its special knitting makes it very elastic so the cover will fit your robot in all the different positions of the arms. The tube is very easy to install and will make your paint booth cleaning and maintenance operation very fast and simple. The robotcover is knitted in a controlled area to avoid particles or cross contamination.

It will help you to keep your robot free of paint splashes and mist and in the meantime extend its lifetime.
From Now, we can developp Tailor-made Robot Cover from this fabrics. Tubular solution is the most economical one, but can sometimes not be the most protective one. Some robots or application need extra protection with tailor-made cover to assure all gesture without limits. Our team will support you on this project and will be able to deliver you the designed protection, difficult throught that may be !  We can work from 3D robot plans, or from our team coming to your site to take the necessary measures.

Available colors :
Available diameters (mm):
  • Protecting robots from paint and mastic robots (inside painting booth…)