Q+ Scrub-neat

  • Scrubby effect to remove all sticky particle

  • Available in foam, polyester and microfiber

  • Construction : Thermally sealed and attached

  • Available in 3 inches and 6 inches (152.4mm) long

  • Ideal for ISO 4 Cleanroom and above

  • Solvent safe double bag cleanroom packaging

  • Tube :  100% Polypropylene handle

  • Lot to lot traceability

Q+Range : Pure from the Start

Gekatex is one of the very few wipers manufacturers in the world who produce its very own cleanroom fabric : knitting, pre-washing, heat-setting, cleanroom conversion and finally ISO 5 Cleanroom laundered and packed. All these operations are fully integrated and closely monitored inside our facilities
  • Available in different folding and size
  • International Delivery Available
  • Customised Packaging Possible
The scrub-neat swab has an interesting shape to remove all sticky particle in inacessible parts of machine. Manufactured to exacting and consistent tolerances using high-precision automated processed to ensure end-product quality and consistency.

To minimise the contamination at the maximum, we recommand to use only thermosealed head to handle (some company use adhesives what we highly not recommand!)
  • Cleaning of grooved, and inaccessible parts of machine
  • Per forming cleaning validation or sampling

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