Q+ Fit-neat

  • Prevent Cleanroom contamination with ultra-low levels of particles

  • Special form to clean recessed and hard to reach surfaces

  • High water capacity for wet application

  • Excellent chemical resistance with a variety of solutions

  • Ideal for ISO4 Cleanrooms and above

  • Available in Foam

  • Construction : Thermally sealed and attached

  • Solvent-dafe double bag cleanroom packaging

  • Head Length : 10 mm

  • Total length : 76 mm

Q+Range : Pure from the Start

Gekatex is one of the very few wipers manufacturers in the world who produce its very own cleanroom fabric : knitting, pre-washing, heat-setting, cleanroom conversion and finally ISO 5 Cleanroom laundered and packed. All these operations are fully integrated and closely monitored inside our facilities.
  • Available in different folding and size
  • International Delivery Available
  • Customised Packaging Possible
The Fit-neat swab is a swab especially developed to clean difficult and inaccessible area. The special shape is ideal for very tiny hole, groved and slotted area.

The precision tip is especially useful for magnified or microscopic work since the tip will obscure the whole field.

Only available in Foam, the Fit-neat is perfect to be used wet or dry depends on your application. The foam is reticulated, means open cells, what is the best in term of liquid retention.

To minimise the contamination at the maximum, we recommand to use only thermosealed head to handle (some company use adhesives what we highly not recommand!)
  • Cleaning of difficult and inaccessible parts of machine
  • High water capacity for wet application
  • Cleaning small areas with solvents such as IPA
  • Ideal for very tiny gaps, grooved and slotted areas, corners…

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