Poly-neat 2P3 220

  • 100% Polyester knitted wipe

  • Recommended for solvent wiping (wipe off) in critical areas

  • Very high tear and abrasion resistance due to its endless microfilament composition

  • Can be UV traceable for more security, even in dark areas

  • Certified AMS 38 19 C
  • Available in different folding and size
  • International Delivery Available
  • Customised Packaging Possible

The poly-neat 2P3 220 is a two ultrasonic bonding layers knit product made of 100% polyester endless filaments. It is mainly designed for solvent wiping or wipe off in industry where critical surfaces has to be treated. The poly-neat 2P3 220 will ensure you a lint free solvent wiping, even on the most abrasive surfaces. This product can be UV traceable upon request for more security in tight and dark areas.

Abrasion resistance 5/5
Tearing resistance 5/5
Absorption 2/5
Basis weight 220 gr
Surfactant no
Ecofriendly no
Absorption rate 2/5
Solvent friendly yes
ISO 5 compliant yes
Price indicator €€€
  • Sealant wiping on abrasive or critical areas
  • Wiping off excess solvent on metals and composites
  • Optical wiping
  • Painting booth maintenance and spray gun cleaning