• Polyester/Cellulose blue nonwoven

  • Ideally suited for solvent wiping, paint preparation, and many other clean and dirty applications

  • No added binders or glue that can dissolve on the surface to contaminate your work

  • Works well with all types of solvents

  • Fast absorption

  • Offers excellent strength, wet or dry

  • Available in different folding and size
  • International Delivery Available
  • Customised Packaging Possible

The DNM2 is a non-perforated blue nonwoven fabric composed of cellulose and polyester.
This product is mainly effective for all wiping with solvents in the Industry. Thanks to a hydrolytic technology specifically developed, this product is very resistant and lint-free. C
llulose gives it very good properties of rate of absorption and retention of liquid.

Abrasion resistance 3/5
Tearing resistance 3/5
Absorption 4
Basis weight 68 gr
Surfactant no
Ecofriendly no
Absorption rate 4/5
Solvent friendly yes
ISO 5 compliant no
Price indicator €€
  • Solvent wiping (Wipe off)
  • Print head wiping
  • General maintenance for machines
  • Car body degreasing operations