Q+ Face Mask FM1-3C

  • Made up of 3 layers of nonwoven Polypropylene / Meltblown Polypropylene 
  • High bacterial filtration efficiency 

  • Low particle generation

  • Sizes available: 17.5cm (S) and 21cm (L)

  • Manufactured and packaged in a clean environment
  • Compatible with category 1 mask type use (individual mask for use by professionals in contact with the public)

  • Compatible with CE standard

  • Available in different folding and size
  • International Delivery Available
  • Customised Packaging Possible
Q+ Range : Pure from the Start

Gekatex is one of the very few wipers manufacturers in the world who produce its very own cleanroom fabric : knitting, pre-washing, heat-setting, cleanroom conversion and finally ISO 5 Cleanroom laundered and packed. All these operations are fully integrated and closely monitored inside our facilities

The Face Mask from Gekatex assure an high protection with a maximum of comfort. The face mask is composed by 3 layers (One layer of meltblown wrapped in 2 layers of non woven Polypropylene.

The product is available in 2 standard sizes : Small and Large and 3 standards strings attachement: Ear Loops, Head Loops and Head Loops with knot.

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