Gekamicro 80

  • Polyester/Polyamide microfilament 80 gsm nonwoven

  • Wet wiping (Wipe on) and solvent wiping (wipe off)

  • Unique patented microfilament technology

  • Ultra-fast absorption and retention

  • Very high tear and abrasion resistance due to its endless microfilament composition

  • Available in different folding and size
  • International Delivery Available
  • Customised Packaging Possible

Gekamicro is an absorbent apertured nonwoven microfiber, made from a blend of polyamide and polyester. This strong, absorbent substrate is suitable for a range of hard surfaces and solvent cleaning. The binder free fabric is made of very fine monofilament split Microfibers and has excellent strength ensuring its versatility zero lint properties.

Our different possible packaging:

Abrasion resistance 4/5
Tearing resistance 4
Absorption 3/5
Basis weight 80 gr
Surfactant no
Ecofriendly no
Absorption rate 3/5
Solvent friendly yes
ISO 5 compliant no
Price indicator €€€
  • Wet wiping (wipe on) and solvent wiping (wipe off)
  • Dust and grease removal before entry into painting booth
  • Surface decontamination (Wipe off)
  • Preparation before bonding
  • Wiping off sealant
  • Wiping off sanding mud (wet sanding)