Q+ U-neat Z3 180

  • Made from Microfibers

  • 180 grs/m2

  • Extremely good at removing water and oil based micro dirt

  • Good water absorbency

  • Knitted extremely tightly to ensure wipe durability

  • Knitted in interlock style to give the best wiping effect

  • Densed lined pattern

  • Resists abrasion under rigorous use or when wiping rough surfaces

Q+Range : Pure from the Start

Gekatex is one of the very few wipers manufacturers in the world who produce its very own cleanroom fabric : knitting, pre-washing, heat-setting, cleanroom conversion and finally ISO 5 Cleanroom laundered and packed. All these operations are fully integrated and closely monitored inside our facilities
  • Available in different folding and size
  • International Delivery Available
  • Customised Packaging Possible
The Z3 wipe  is a knitted wipes made from microfibers with a linear structure. Its weight is 180grs/m2. Its dense structure allows a good durability of the product.

The extreme fineness of the microfiber, as well as its star structure, give it an excellent cleaning efficiency, even when dry, without scratching the surface.

Edge cutting is done in "hot" section; Laser Sealed Edge is recommended.

What is Microfiber and why it is the best in term of Cleaning?

Microfiber or microfibre is synthetic fiber finer than one denier or decitex/thread. This is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk (which is approximately one denier), which is itself about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. In the highest-quality fabrics for cleaning applications, the fiber is split during the manufacturing process to produce multi-stranded fibres. The split fibres and the size of the individual filaments make the cloths more effective than other fabrics for cleaning purposes. The structure traps and retains the dirt and also absorbs liquids

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