The great story of Gekatex


In 1980, one of our actual customer, a big French manufacturer encountered a wiping problem impacting its manufacturing process at the level of the painting operation. The solution has been to develop what is called now a “Tack Rag”. This is a wipe coated with a clever mix to ensure optimum capture of dust without transfer on the wiped support.The company Gekatex is then created in Bailleul, a small town in the Hauts de France.

After many years of success on the French national market, Gekatex decided to export its know-how to the rest of Europe.
Recognized as a major supplier of consumables in automotive paint booths, Gekatex is expanding its range of polishing discs to become a key player in the field. This quality work makes it possible to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

The new millennium marks a renewal for the company that changes direction and premises to come to settle in La Chapelle d'Armentières. Borders fall, Gekatex gradually begins its conquest of the world in its field of predilection: the automobile.
Innovation is at the heart of the business. Perpetually listening to customers, Gekatex is always developing more products that meet the requirements of different industrial processes. Robots are becoming more common in automotive paint booths, giving our teams the idea of developing robot covers to limit paint spray on robots. Pionner on this product, in 2007, our range of protect robot is born answering the problematic of a large number of customers.

Over the years, the company expands and accompanies its customers in new countries. The conquest of the world is concretized by the creation of subsidiaries or partnerships of companies with a presence in more than 55 countries.
Gekatex is above all 6 subsidiaries in the world: France, UK, Poland, China, India and Mexico.

Our products have proven their efficiency in the automotive world, making them more and more envious in parallel industries. We have transferred our know-how, our experience and our professionalism to other industries such as Aeronautics, Life Science and High Tech. In 2017, in particular, Gekatex introduces its brand new range of products: the Q + range, which addresses the problems of wiping in clean rooms and / or sterile rooms.

Our rewards : 

  • 2006: The INPI Innovation Trophy
  • 2008: The Ernst & Young Innovation Grand Prix
  • 2012: The Special Trophy for the best exporting company over 10 years in the Nord Pas de Calais region