Aircraft Maintance and repair

The maintenance of an aircraft is broken down into several stages including that of refurbishing and furnishing of the cabin interior:

Removal of seats and galleys in order to access the ground throughout the aircraft.

Floor cleaning is done in two parts. Carbon floors in difficult so-called wet areas (toilets and kitchens) are treated with SRG to remove the glues from the plastic sealing films, then the carpets are cleaned starting with the removal of all adhesive substances such as chewing gum.

The next step is to clean the galleys and luggage compartments with Tablefit presaturated wipes.

When replacement is necessary, follows the step of removing wallpapers and decorations (Tedlars and Wallpaper) with heat guns and then removing residual glues using SRG. A degreasing wipe (IPA100) is passed in order to prepare the re-gluing of the coverings.

The cleaning of the seats is the last step thanks to the leather cleaner or the Tablefit in the case of leather or imitation seat.