Join our team and help us rethink tomorrow's technical wiping and polishing solutions 

Technical wiping is not a trivial operation, taking any wipe and use it to achieve the targeted level of property is not enough. In fact, in technical wiping, you need to go deeper to obtain good performances level and consistent results. It takes dedicated wiping solution for gluing, dissolve and absorb the contamination.

At Gekatex, we develop together the most efficient technical wiping solutions for our customer’s critical wiping applications.

In order to rethink the technical wiping, we are constantly looking for new talents that would participate to the evolution and the development of innovative solutions.

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Why join us ?

  1. A pleasant and competent team. Making the work easier for our customers and staff is one of our key value that we are looking to apply every day.

  2. We love efficiency and try not to lose time in paperwork.

  3. We support personal initiative, autonomy and let the possibility to experiment new ideas. Work atmosphere is relax and studious.

  4. Opportunities are various and plentiful in Gekatex : We are taking your wishes into account.