Custom-made robot protections designed to keep your robot free of paint or other contaminants to give them a much longer lifespan. Our expertise allows us to choose the most adapted material to the robot, it's environment and it’s technical constraints, and made easy to install and remove for maintenance access.

Robot Covers

Gekatex Botprotek is a full range of Robot Covers to give the best quality protection you can wish for your robot:

  • Extend your robot's lifetime
  • Very flexible fabric that fit perfectly to the robot on every position
  • Easy to install polyester tube for a fast cleaning operation
  • Economical Option
  • Avoid lost productivity
  • Avoid expensive replacement parts and prolonged maintenance sessions

Custom Solutions

Because every robot and need is unique, we offer you a flexible production which allows us to manufacture single pieces as well as large volumes.

We set up a research office in order to analyse and adapt our covers to customers robots’ environment, their movements, their size and surrounding process requirements.

The robot covers we produce are unique and custom-made. Our expertise allows us to choose the best suited material for the robot, its environment and its technical constraints allowing us to realize protections adapted to various jobs. In some cases we associate several materials to better meet your needs. We determine the constraints to equip our covers with the best suited fastenings, elastics or openings for cables among others things.

All our equipment is of industrial quality. Our covers are mapped out and prototyped in France. We are always on the lookout for new textiles and processes to enrich our existing offer.

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