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Jan 1, 2011

Gekatex, the best exporting company of the region ...

The Gekatex Team is proud to announce that Gekatex SASU received last month during a ceremony held in Arras - France the Trophy of the best exporting Company in the Region.

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Jan 1, 2011

Gekatex is proud to present ...

Gekatex France is proud to announce the launch of a new Gekatex Company based in Korea. The Company is active as of 1st January under the name of

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Industrial Wet Surface Cleaning without VOC Emissions

• Decrease 100% Volatile Organic Compound emissions
• Replace dangerous substances by water based NOVOCLEAN degreasers
• Improve surface cleanliness and defects up to 70% by using unique Microfiber monofilament GEKACLEAN Technology
• Decrease Health Hasard and Fire risks in the Plant drastically thanks to NOVOCLEAN packaging in EVA resistant dispenser bags
• Correspond to the newest EEC Legislation on Environmental Protection
• Reduce costs on dangerous goods transport conditions and work with safe clean premoistened wipers under Novoclean and Gekaclean brands
• Reduce usage of liquid and wiping materials due to less volatile compound release in the air
• Specialised applications for degreasing , anti static treatment, glue and PVC excess removal, marking pen removal, and many more new products to come